I appreciate my clients sharing their comments about my fragrances, formulas, packaging and their fond memories.  I have been receiving their comments for years and since I was entering my 25th year of business, I would share some of my Testimonials.  Perhaps their comments will help current and potential clients in their search for new fragrances and beneficial products, as well as help with their gift-giving needs.


I love the Parfum Sample Program that Dolores offers. How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to experience fragrances before purchasing the large size saving me lots of money and any returns. I think I have a sample of every Parfum that Dolores offers which allows me to “sniff” and evaluate the scents depending on my mood and the time of year. Lots of fun and the Program will allow me to make the right fragrance decisions for me! I wonder why all fragrance companies do not have the same service.

– Sharon B., Victorville, California


I have been a client of Dolores since 1993 when she had her Who Makes Sense? boutique in Los Angeles. I love having the fragrances of Earth, Gardenia and my Custom Blends created in her Parfum, Dry Body Oil Spray and Eau da Vinci Spray, just perfect for layering. Dolores understands my fragrance preferences so well that I just send her a quick email with some thoughts and my personal order is shipped to me.

– Philip S., Los Angeles, California


Thank you, Dolores, for making my holiday shopping a breeze each year! Not only are your products superb….but the gift boxes and overall presentation too! It’s great the way you select just the right decorative boxes, wrap and creative touches based on the interests, tastes and personality of my friends and family. They always look forward to their personalized gifts from your company – makes them feel special! I give you 5 stars and look forward to seeing what you will create next.

– Beverly M., Los Angeles, California


Thank you for proving such great service; getting my order out so quickly, as well as reducing the cost of shipping.

– Howard H., Norristown, Pennsylvania


Toasted Coconut, I cannot be more pleased. It’s coconut, but not really. The most unique coconut I have tried. I have to have more. I am really excited about your new website. Honestly, I love your bottles. I especially love the glass stopper bottles, and I love the round glass spray bottles. They are a unique and somewhat of a trademark for you.

– Tanya C., Chicago, Illinois


Back in 1994 and during that time period, your shop was such a place of peaceful sanctuary for me. I was a high school teacher on the east side of LA at that time, and while I very much loved that job, there were days when having your lovely shop to visit was just what I needed to re-center and be in a place where beauty and peace were always present. Thank you for creating that space. Thanks for your great work and great products for all these years!

– Lillemor M., Saratoga Springs, New York


WOW!!!! 25 years in business!!! Well I can understand that because you are a great business woman. I love your products, love the way that they are mailed out so quickly and the presentation upon opening the box is very exciting. It always lifts my spirits when I get a package that I ordered from you, so yes, even though the 25 years is a long time, I can see why your business is so successful!

– Rosemarie D., New Orleans, Louisiana


You know that I have been wearing the scent of Earth for over 23 years in the Dry Body Oil Spray and Parfum, however, I tried White Rain……and love it also! I was looking for a fragrance to wear on my Wedding Day, I this is it! And I love the fact that it is your fragrance, so there is a beautiful meaning in wearing White Rain. (And, it kep away real rain, since the ceremony was in Florida and outdoors). Thank you very much!!! xxxooo

– Rhona W., Pembroke Pines, Florida


Oh, my gosh, I cannot live without my Flame and Earth scented Massage Oils. They are my favorite scents and sometimes I wear them together to create a really sensual and slightly floral combination. As you know, sometimes I switch to the scents of French Vanilla, Sheer Vanilla & Amber or Cupid when I want to be adventurous. The Massage Oil makes my skin feel so soft and everyone in the Salon where I work always comment on how wonderful I smell. Wow! I have been a loyal customer ever since I received Earth Parfum as a gift from a friend in 1999. Love your products, makes me feel very good about myself, ha ha. I feel reborn ha ha ha. Love you.

– Mora M., Washington, D.C.


At the end of a stressful day, there is nothing like coming home to find one of your boxes of goodies waiting to be opened. Inside, carefully wrapped and packed with such care — Treats beyond compare!

The luxurious Body & Massage Cream is my absolute favorite! Super moisturizing, easily absorbed with the added bonus of allowing me to scent in all my favorite fragrances — it is well worth the money.

Pink Sugar, Champagne, Toasted Coconut and the timeless fragrance Earth always prompt rave reviews whenever I wear them – but I love the lasting power of the perfumes. So many fragrances to choose from – for a bath and body addict, this is your candy store!!

Did I mention my love of your new candles? Whoohoo!! Gorgeous and super fragrant, I love how they fill the room with beautiful notes so quickly! But, I’m going to have to say it, “I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat!!'” I want twice the size!

By the way, your beautiful glass Bottles (actually all your presentations..) add so much to my newly remodeled bath, they are an inviting reminder to take the time to draw a hot bath and do what we so often put off — take care of ourselves.  Thanks Dolores!

– Leslie L., North Hollywood, California


Hi Dolores, I just wanted to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE MIDNIGHT RAIN!!!!! As you know, I’m extremely loyal to “Earth”. I’ve been wearing if for how many years?????  It will always be my favorite. Midnight Rain, however, is running a very close second. All of the “Rain” perfumes are exquisite. Thank you very much for sending me so many delicious scents!!!

I recently had surgery, staying in the hospital for 3-4 days. The first two items I’ve packed for my stay were “Earth” and “Midnight Rain”. They calm me, give me a sense of comfort and peace.  I guess I’m more attached to my olfactory senses than I knew. In any case, I just wanted you to know that your creations eased me through a rather difficult time. For that, I am grateful. Take care.

– Denise R., Glendale, California


After All These Years – and so many wonderful memories… almost as many wonderful fragrances! I remember the corner store on 3rd Street in Los Angeles (next to Who’s On Third) like it was yesterday but that was 1989 as I recall. Walking into the store, the many aromas captured your senses. I centered on 3; Earth, Tattoo and Steel – of which I still use daily to this day. Ah yes, others have come and gone like vacations you will always fondly remember and pledge to go back some day. I have gifted dozens of friends and family along the years for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – all say to this day they are by far their favorite gifts. The hat box that was packing for my grandmother 80th birthday remained for years as her favorite décor in her bedroom. She kept many precious memories there.  What on “Earth” would life have been like without Dolores?  Happy 25th anniversary to a wonderful, talented and dear friend.  Thanks for all the great memories and terrific products. You’ve made us both look good.

                                             – Ronn W., Albuquerque, NM


It was 1995 and I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I were watching the Oscars and one of the newscasters being explaining what was inside the presenters’ baskets. I believe Dolores had her Earth perfume in the basket. I was blown away when I found out she had a shop in LA. Well, being 8 months pregnant and living in Chicago didn’t really lend itself to a quick trip to LA. My son was born on Dec. 4, 1995. My husband presented me with a basket filled with items from Dolores’ shop. It was amazing. The packaging, the items, the scents. I was hooked from that day forward. My son is now a junior at Cornell. I can’t help but believe Dolores’ magic basket sprinkled a little Ivy League dust on my son.

                                      -Renee C., Chicago, Illinois


Can’t believe you’ve been in business that long—must mean I’m older than I thought!!! Seems like you’re doing fabulously–you’ve worked hard for your success & deserve the top shelf.   I am so honored to be included in any of your endeavors!   I’m on your team!!   I so respect you and your determination to be successful and have such fond memories of your little shop in LA………can’t remember street…………you’ve come a long way and it is all because you have never let go of your dreams!    I want to wish you a very Happy Year……I hope it brings you all that you desire and truly deserve!!  It has been special having you in my life for so many years….. I think that you are right up there with some of the longest standing and counting!!  Anyway…………health, happiness and much continued success   Congratulations Dolores!  Love.

                                         –Chris B., Shelbyville, Kentucky   


Dear Dolores, we continue to use your products – now also at our summer condo north of Boston – matter of fact – I just washed my hands with Earth gel.  Melanie bought lots, and we have extras in our closet.   Be well – and make scents.

                                                         -Rob M., Woodville, Texas