Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is just around the corner, February 14th, so let me help you with your gift-giving needs. You can then celebrate this special and romantic day………or, enjoy an entire weekend……..since Valentine’s is on a Friday this year. Whether you have a date on Valentine’s, spending the night with friends or enjoying a much needed break from the world, take time to pamper yourself. When we take care of ourselves first, then we can love and take care of others so much easier.

All of the Valentine’s Day Ideas have been linked to my Vinci & Rakos website, however, please contact me if you need help, have special requests or want to place your order personally. Phone me at 760-674-3060 or 800-545-4332 or email me at dolores@vinci-rakos.com. And for my clients who still use a fax machine at 760-674-3070. With your purchase, you will receive a gift depending on the size of your order ranging from Parfum Vial Samples to a bottle of Parfum. As a special treat, a bag of classic conversation Heart Candies will also be included to help stir your childhood memories.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s filled with lots of love and happiness.

Sincerely, Dolores

PS. I am featuring Valentine’s Inspired Fragrances that are client favorites, and they scentsually warm the body and mind. Review my choices in the “Parfum Sample Program for Your Valentine” section.

Vinci & Rakos Parfums * Solid Parfum

Valentine’s Idea: Choose your special Valentine a Vinci & Rakos fragrance from over 200 Parfums. There is a scent for every man and woman to help satisfy their desires.

The Vinci & Rakos Parfums are full-bodied, undiluted with no added alcohol or extenders. Choose from Parfums in three Traditional bottles, two Roll On Bottles, a Classic Stopper Bottle and in many, beautiful Limited Edition Stopper Bottles.

Valentine’s Idea: Solid Parfums are just perfect for a Valentine who prefers a lighter and less intense scent than a straight parfum, so wearing it in the office is very acceptable.

Solid Parfums are super easy to use by gently rubbing your fingers across the solid formula then smoothing on your pulse points, inside the wrists, behind the knees, back of the neck, behind the ears, the cleavage area and anywhere else you fancy.

Creamy Body Butter * Deep Tissue Cream

Valentine’s Idea: Prepare yourself for a special evening by smoothing either the Creamy Body Butter or Deep Tissue Cream all over your body for a scented treat, while at the same time moisturizing your skin.

Creamy Body Butter: This exceptionally rich and thick cream was created with vegetable butters, beneficial oils and botanical extracts. Leaves your skin nourished and silky smooth. Available in the hardy scent of your choice that mixes well with the natural aroma of the vegetables in the blend. Two Limited Edition, Valentine inspired scents are also featured. Experience the sweet and fruity scent of Fresh Strawberries. And, for the Chocolate lovers, a special fragrance blend of Chocolate Bouquet mixed with a touch of Chocolate Truffles called Truffles Bouquet has been created.

Deep Tissue Cream: A highly emollient and very luxurious cream that provides both glide and friction. Contains anti-inflammatory botanical extracts to help soothe the skin during treatment and application. Available in the comforting scent of your choice with Earth, Sheer Vanilla, Champagne, Pink Sugar and Sheer & Warm Vanilla Sugar client favorites.

Conditioning Body & Massage Oil

Valentine’s Idea: Why not give each other a back and body massage? Nothing says I care more than a pampering massage by someone you love on Valentine’s.

A client favorite for over 20 years for its ease of application, spreadability and penetration leaving your skin naturally conditioned, satiny smooth and sensually scented in the fragrance of your choice. The scents of Earth, Sheer Vanilla, Flame and Cashmere are client favorites.

If you prefer a lotion over an oil formula, experience my Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion. The Lotion contains a high level of Vitamins E, D and A to help build the skin’s natural defenses and promote a healthy glow.

Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers

Valentine’s Idea: A unique body lotion that smells and tastes great that will make your Valentine very happy!

When you rub it on, a natural warming sensation is created through the sensual touch of massage, and it gets hot when you blow on it. Apply and caress for those that want a taste of love. Lotion for Lovers is made with natural strawberry flavor and is water soluble. As a special treat, a soft, red feather is included to help tickle your fancy and both are packaged in a red drawstring bag.

Earth Sensual Sampler

Valentine’s Idea: The Earth Sensual Sampler will help create the perfect romantic evening at home. You just need to supply the Champagne!

The Sensual Sampler contains petite 1.6 fl oz sizes of Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion, Conditioning Body & Massage Oil, Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee in the sensual scent of Earth. For an extra romantic treat, a 1/2 fl oz size of Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers and an alluring red feather to help tickle you fancy are included. An Earth scented candle tops off the set to help create a romantic mood in your home.

Earth Lover’s Weekender

Valentine’s Idea: If you are planning a romantic get-away or a sleep-over for Valentine’s, I would suggest the Earth Lover’s Weekender.

One ounce bottles of Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion, Conditioning Body & Massage Oil and Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee are provided. For an extra romantic treat, a get acquainted size of the Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers has been added, and topped off with a scented candle and an alluring red feather to help tickle your fancy. A colorful Fluffy Scrubber has been included to make shower and bath time fun. The Weekender is packaged in a clear, drawstring bag, just perfect for travel.

His or Her Pampering Set

Valentine’s Idea: Why not give your favorite Valentine the perfect Pampering Gift Box to help relax and calm?

Choose your Valentine’s favorite scent which will be created in a Moisturizing Body & Massage Lotion (8.4 fl oz), Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee (3.3 fl oz) and a bag of Purifying & Detoxing Bath & Salt Rub. Our unique Ayate Exfoliating Buffing Cloth helps exfoliate your skin and a scented candle will help scent your atmosphere.

Earth Basket for Lovers

Valentine’s Idea: Why not surprise your favorite Valentine with a Basket for Lovers scented in warm and sensual Earth? Every-thing is included to make your night (and weekend) romantic and rewarding.

An Earth scented Conditioning Body & Massage Oil (8.4 fl oz) is the centerpiece of the basket, as well as the Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers (4 fl oz). Complemented with a Body & Massage Lotion and a Bath & Shower Gelee in 1.6 fl oz sizes. Highlighted with an Earth Candle, Earth Incense and two, red and soft alluring feathers to help tickle your fancy. Topped off with a 1×1/2″ frame for the special couple.

Freshly Scented Sachets

Valentine’s Idea: The perfect little gift to remember a special friend, family member or hostess.

Three sachets filled with naturally fragrant potpourri of Fresh Rose and Fresh Lavender. Each 3 oz sachet is packaged in an organza, drawstring bag and are presented in a heart enhanced take-out box for gift-giving.

Italian Gourmet Candies

Valentine’s Idea: Why not surprise your Valentine (or a special friend) with a tasty and fragrant jar of Traditional Italian candies?

Two delicious candies to choose from: Glitterati Fruit Candy that are like little flavor explosions in your mouth – only 4 calories each. Or, Menta Fresca Puntini that are gourmet jujubes created using real mint oils and a hint of vanilla – only 2.5 calories each. Every reusable jar contains 130 candies.

Parfum Sample Program for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Idea: What a great way for your favorite Valentine to experience 7 Parfums in the scents of your choosing. This could be the perfect way to liven up your evening as you smell the different scents on your Valentine.

The seven (7) Parfums are packaged in a drawstring bag and cello wrap. Choose your favorites Alphabetically or by Predominate Notes & Categories from the lists below. SPECIAL: $25.00 with a total value of $45.00.

Vinci & Rakos Parfums Alphabetically
Vinci & Rakos Parfums by Predominate Notes & Categories

These Valentines’ Inspired Fragrances are client favorites that scentsually warm the body and mind:

Boudoir * Cashmere * Champagne * Chocolate Cherries * Chocolate Truffles * Cupid * Earth * Flame * Midnight Rain * Pink Sugar * Radiance * Sheer & Warm Vanilla Sugar * Sheer Vanilla * Strawberries & Champagne * Sweet & Sexy * Treasures * White Rain * You Are In Love

Valentine’s Idea: Many new items have been added to the Vintage & Discontinued Fragrance Category, scents such as: Givenchy, Aliage, Tiffany, Worth Je Reviens and many more. Angel Ceramic Diffusers have also been added to the China, Porcelain, Ceramics, Stone Category. Check out the Angel Heart design!

There are twelve (12) exciting categories in Who Makes Sense?: Crystal, Glass, Mirrors * Paintings, Prints, Frames * Vintage Fragrances, Discontinued Fragrances * Health Care * Jewelry * Candles, Candle Holders * Books, Magazines * Dolls, Toys, Games * China, Porcelain, Ceramics, Stone * Fashion, Cosmetics * Collectibles, Decorative Boxes, Surprises * Holidays. Have fun browsing and browse often since new items are added frequently.

With your purchase of a vintage or one-of-a-kind item from the Who Makes Sense? section, you will receive a gift based on the size of your order.

Note: With your Valentine’s Day purchase, you will receive a gift depending on the size of your order ranging from Parfum Vial Samples to a bottle of Parfum. As a special treat, a bag of classic conversation Heart Candies will also be included to help stir your childhood memories.

Offer expires on February 28, 2014 and is not valid with any other specials. Prices exclude shipping, handling and taxes. Substitutions might be necessary due to availability of fragrances/items/packaging and colors.