Bath & Shower Gelees

Two beneficial bath and shower gelee formulas, Therapeutic and Moisturizing, were created to work perfectly with the fragrance of your choice. The scent you choose will determine which gelee formula is used to ensure compatibility of the fragrance with the gelee. When using either gelee in the bath, it will create a bubbling, relaxing and softening experience and in the shower, a refreshing, cleansing event will be enjoyed.

Taking a bath on a regular basis not only helps soothe your skin but your mind and encourages relaxation. It also prepares your skin for much needed exfoliating, moisturization and conditioning.


Therapeutic Bath & Shower Gelee

This rich lathering gelee gently cleans and conditions the skin while replacing lost vitamins and minerals. Combining the healing properties of natural botanical extracts and minerals, a blend of chamomile, cucumber, ivy extract, comfrey and Vitamin E, helps leave the skin soft and supple.

Pouring this bubbly onto your washcloth or Ayate Exfoliating Buffing cloth adds some fun to your lathering experience. The gentle foaming action allows your skin to breath and soak in moisture so your skin feels soft and smooth and never parched.

Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gelee​​​

This highly moisturizing bath and shower gelee thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the skin with vitamin rich-Aloe Vera and beneficial botanical extracts, such as chamomile, calendula and cucumber. Enriched with plant proteins and Vitamin E to help condition and protect the natural moisture balance of your skin.

Do your skin a favor and revive your skin with this luxurious, moisturizing alternative to commercial soaps that are drying. Lather up as botanical extracts draw out toxins and vitamin-rich Aloe Vera soothes damaged skin. Because of it’s high concentration, only a small amount is needed.

                                           8.4 fl oz $49.50 – Clear Glass  *  Cobalt Blue Glass  * Plastic  (all with Pumps)
                                          13.5 fl oz $59.50 – Clear Glass  *  Cobalt Blue Glass  (all with Pumps)
                                          16.9 fl oz $69.50 – Plastic with Pump  
                                            16.9 fl oz $75.00 – Glass with Glass Stopper
                                          25.5 fl oz $79.50 – Clear Glass with Pump
                                          29.5 fl oz $89.50 – Clear Glass with Screw Cap
                                          33.8 fl oz $99.50 – Plastic with Pump