Health Care & The Sanddune Stepper

Innovative and progressive health care items will be featured on this special section. Items that will help you feel and look better, starting off with The unique Sanddune Stepper foam block for exercising. As beneficial items are found, they will be featured and discussed in detail.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests.

The Sanddune Stepper (Your Exercising Companion)

The Sanddune Stepper is a memory type foam block (made of two different type of foams) that bounces back with a mirror type of resistance. This foam block has a no joint load so your back and legs do not feel stress when you are walking or running on it. I used to walk about an hour a day but some mornings I didn’t have time or it got too hot, and walking on the cement started taking its toll on my knees. Now I use the Sanddune Stepper  about five times a day about two to three minutes each time, and I love it. I still walk occasionally but only on the grass, and I combine the two activities. My posture has gotten so much better, and so has my balance and flexibility.

What I like to Do: when not exercising on the Sanddune Stepper, I move it under my desk and rest my feet on it while I am working on the computer. This maneuver forces me to sit up straight while my legs are resting on the foam, helping to take the pressure off of my legs.  I feel refreshed and relaxed.

The Sanddune Stepper should be rotated during use because there is a slight incline to help in your balance.  Until you get your rhythm, please lean on a chair, a table or use a walker.

The Sanddune Stepper is a low impact aerobic exercise that builds balance, strength, coordination, cardio and tones the lower extremities. Used by Dance Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Pro Trainers and Orthopedic Specialists. Perfect in Rehab Facilities, Gyms, Dance Studios, Recreation Facilities and at Home. Portable, Storable, Affordable.


Children, Athletes & Seniors:  Orthopedic and neurological patients of all ages, as well as dancers, golfers, cyclists and athletes from other sports, benefit from workouts on the SANDDUNE® Stepper.  Workouts vary in intensity from simple padding of the foot pads for beginners to gentle warm-ups involving stretching and select yoga/Pilates movements for those with good balance, to aerobic/anaerobic “peak out exercise” sessions for those looking to really add to their workout conditioning regimen.




Therapeutic Benefits:  This uniquely designed device is being used in offices, gyms, clinics, nursing and or assisted living facilities and at home for rehabilitation exercise and conditioning.  The Sanddune Stepper gentle resistance factors comforts your neuromuscular system, as it perceives a safe environment, an environment that is supportive, guiding, and cushioning in nature.  The Sanddune Stepper stimulates muscular involvement and helps the body’s core muscles to develop and strengthen.  The leg muscles and foot gain in tone and strength as well.  People with MS, Parkinson’s and vertigo may benefit because of its gentle resistance factors, making physical rehabilitation sessions a more beneficial and encouraging experience.  The true test of any exerciser is its ability to safely affect muscle fiber.  The Sanddune Stepper is a cost effective, low impact, cardiovascular exerciser developed to increase balance, strength, coordination and flexibility.
Cover: The whole family can benefit when using the Sanddune Stepper, just have everyone wear a pair of socks while exercising on the Sanddune Stepper.  It comes with an anti-bacterial cover in the pleasant color of grey.  The cover has fast evaporation and quickly draws moisture away from the skin; blocks and absorbs UV-Rays to protect the skin.

Size: The Sanddune Stepper weighs 10 pounds and measures 26″H x 7″V x 22″W.  The cost is $279.00 plus tax (where appropriate), shipping and handling.

Gift with Purchase: With your purchase of the Sanddune Stepper, you will receive a handy, black canvas travel bag as your gift.  The bag is x-large and was designed to hold the Sanddune Stepper, as well as your sports shoes, workout outfit and your personal necessities.  Two sturdy cloth handles with reinforced pad, front pocket and an expansion closure highlight the bag. The Sanddune Stepper Travel Bag has a retail gift value of $35.00.

Please call Dolores for more information about the benefits of using the Sanddune Stepper – 800-545-4332


Note: Disclaimer
The contents, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. When beginning any diet or exercise program, itis important to consult your health care professional. Exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. Individual results may vary. Working with your doctor to create a personalized program is optimal. If you have any questions, please seek the guidance of a health, fitness, or wellness professional.