Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers

A unique body lotion that smells and tastes great! When you rub it on, a natural warming sensation is created through the sensual touch of massage, and it helps create a tingling sensation.  And, it gets hot when you blow on it!  Apply and caress for those that want a taste of love.  Perfect for easy “slip and slide”.  Made with natural strawberry flavor and is water soluble.

Now available in handy push-up containers that won’t leak when the tops are off.  As a special treat, a soft, red feather is included with the Natural Strawberry Lotion for Lovers to help tickle your fancy.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, due to packaging and delivery issues, the push-up containers are not available.  At this time, the Lotion for Lovers will be presented in cobalt blue or clear glass bottles, clear plastic bottles or aluminum containers. 

2 fl oz $39.50   *   3fl oz $49.50   *   4 fl oz $59.50