Vinci & Rakos Fragrance Formulas

Six formulas were created to be the perfect carriers for your favorite fragrance. Experience the Parfum, Eau de Vinci Spray, Dry Body Oil Spray, Sheer Spray on Lotion, After Shave Spray on Balm and Solid Parfum formulas.

​The Vinci & Rakos Parfums are full-bodied with no added alcohol. You can wear the fragrance as a Parfum, or choose one of the carriers for your favorite scent. The carrier formulas were created and developed without alcohol to help prevent dryness and help retain the integrity of your chosen scent.

After your bath or shower, or anytime during the day or night, spray or apply, then gently massage the fragrant formula onto your skin. The  concentration of the parfum scent and the softening properties of the formula will harmonize simultaneously and envelop the user with sensual and scented satisfaction. Clients can also decide on the level of Parfum they would like added to the fragrance formulas.  Helpful Hint:  Clients ask which fragrance formulas are the strongest, so they have been listed below according to their level of strength. However, since clients can decide on the intensity of Parfum they would like added to the fragrance carrier they choose, this list will vary. Some clients prefer lighter fragrance levels, others, more intense: 1. Parfum, 2. Eau de Vinci Parfum Spray, 3. Dry Body Oil Spray, 4. Sheer Spray on Lotion, 5. After Shave Spray on Balm, 6. Solid Parfum.​




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