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Original paintings created by renowned artists from all of the country will be featured. In addition, vintage and framed prints from Italy will be presented, as well as prints from local artists. Unique frames to highlight your favorite photographs will also be available. New and unique paintings, prints and frames will be added on a regular basis.


Jeff Angell Original Paintings


JEFF ANGELL is an internationally renowned painter and award winning make-up artist. His work has graced many private art collections and a multitude of films, TV shows, high-fashion runways and magazine covers. Early on, Jeff nurtured his abilities in the visual arts. Skilled at drawing and painting, his exceptional use of color and his eye for form and composition added to the quality of his work. This led to a 30 year career as a make-up artist, often heading the make-up department for television and film.


He recently created a series of painting where the art direction and concept focused on the baby feet of Angels and Cherubs. I asked him to save a few that I could feature on my website. Each original and acrylic painting is a 5” x 7” size on canvas. The original price is $125.00 each but I am offering them at the introductory price of $99.00 each.

*There are four (4) different creations:
#A — “Welcome Lil’ Feet” – (little pink feet on aqua/white/orange stripe background)
#B — “Twin #1” – (little pink feet on yellow/white/pink stripe background)
#C — “Tippy Toes” – (little blue feet on brown/white/blue stripe background)
#D — “Twin #2” – (little blue feet on yellow/blue/white stripe background)
#E — “Paw Prints” – (little pink feet on blue/white jagged stripe background)




Vintage Framed Print of Guardian Angel and Children with Butterflies

This vintage print shows a Guardian Angel tenderly protecting two children, a boy and a girl. The children are playing by a stream of water and rock cliff. The little boy is chasing butterflies and the little girl is picking wild flowers. The 8” x 10” print is in the original metal frame with a new glass to show off the print. The matte around the print has a wonderful vintage look due to its age which is over 73 years old. The print belong to a woman whose Mother had it hanging in her home since the woman was a little girl. I find similar Guardian Angel prints but not exactly this particular version which is older in its style. (1 available) $79.50




Prints by B.K. Lusk

Karma Fairy Mehndi Lucky Peacock Dragonfly India Art blue Gypsy Mermaid

According to the artist: Gorgeous giclee print, printed on glossy, acid free, archival paper with high quality pigmented ink that has a light-fast rating of over 90 years. Gorgeous lush, rich color with exquisite detail that mirrors the original painting. White border to make it easier for framing – 8” x 10” print. There is a signature on the bottom left of each print. I photographed the prints with my cell phone on top of white fabric so you could see them.  $24.50 each.




Original Oil Paintings by Don Nicholson



For five years, I worked as Chairman of the Art Committee for an organization called Ophelia. Ophelia is a mentoring program that helps over 400 young girls stay in school and plan their future. While at a Southern California Art festival promoting the Ophelia Program, I came across these incredible paintings which just drew me to them. It was like my European relatives from the past came to life. The painter is Don Nicholson from Northern California who found a series of old photographs from Europe that gave him the inspiration for these paintings. Don’s passion is to make art and let it speak to all that will listen with their eyes. To own a painting by Don is to own a slice of his experiences, travels and passion that drive him to be the best he can be each time he lays brush to canvas. Talent joined with passion is the secret you will discover in his paintings. Each painting is encased in a stunning black and brushed silver frame and ready to hang. In addition, each frame is signed by Don and dated on the back. Size in frame: 15 ½” W x 18” L. (1 of each available)


  Lady with Green Hat and Veil — signed 02-13-2008 – $350.00
Lady with Purple Hat and Veil  — signed 01-13-2008 – $350.00
    Lady with Blue Hat and Veil — signed 03-08-2008 – $350.00




Vintage Art Prints from Florence, Italy

When I was on business trip to Florence, Italy, I was outside The Uffizi Gallery which is one of the most famous art museums of the Western World and one of the oldest opening in 1765. Unfortunately, it was a Monday and the Museum was closed, and I was so disappointed. However, I was so excited when I was approached by a street merchant. This merchant was selling the most fabulous assortment of museum gallery prints. Of course, I purchased as many as I could, rolled them and took them back to Los Angeles in my suitcase. This occurred about 25 years ago, when you could fill your suitcase with treasures and there was no weight limit. I kept these prints rolled up for years until one day, in 1991, when I was trying to decide what art to hang and sell in my Los Angeles boutique; I took them out of storage. I had them framed by Allan from The Framing Center, a Hollywood favorite known for his incredible framing work. Allan helped me pick the correct frames and matting to help capture and accent the beauty of each print. The beautiful framed and matted prints that I am presenting here are a few that we have left from my LA store. Information on the prints and artists was taken from Wikipedia and various Art Sites.

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Framed and Matted Vintage Print

The creation of Adam was probably the most famous section of Michelangelo’s fresco on the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted circa 1511-1512. The image of the near-touching hands of God and Adam has become one of the single most iconic images of humanity and has been reproduced in countless imitations and parodies. Along with Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, The Creation of Adam and the other Sistine Chapel panels are the most replicated religious paintings of all time It is the most well known of the Sistine Chapel fresco panels, and its fame as a piece of art is rivaled only by the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

The print was framed in a silver matted, floral style double wooden frame that is both traditional and classic and has a 1 1/2” border (20”L x 18W x ½ D). The European textured frame has a double matte with clear glass. The inside matte is a rich copper and the outside matte in a soft matte grey to highlight the stone and reddish colors in the print. The print is in excellent condition and is ready to hang. There is some very slight roughness around parts of the frame due to being in storage for over 25 years, but it adds to its vintage look. (1 available)  $195.00                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Angel Musician by Rosso Florentino

Framed & Matted Vintage Print

SOLD:  Giovanni Battista di Jacopo (March 8,1494 – 14 November 14, 1540), also known as Rosso Fiorentino , was an Italian Mannerist painter, in oil and fresco, belonging to the Florentine school. The Angel Musician playing a guitar was a client favorite at my store. The print was framed in a gold and dark brown braided style wooden frame that is both traditional and vintage and has a 1 1/2” border (20”L x 18W x ½ D). The European textured frame has a double matte and clear glass. The inside matte is a rich gold and the outside matte in a dark forest green to highlight the greens and gold colors in the print. The print is in excellent condition and is ready to hang. There is some very slight roughness around parts of the frame due to being in storage for years but it adds to its vintage look. (1 available) $195.00

Ballerina at the Bar

This beautiful and vintage print was framed in a brushed gold, vintage style wooden frame that is both traditional and classic and has a 1 1/2” border (17”L x 21”W x ½” D). The European detailed frame has a double matte with clear glass. The inside matte is a rich copper and the outside matte a soft matte beige to highlight the porcelain colors of the dancer in the print. The print is in excellent condition and is ready to hang. There is very slight roughness around corners of the frame due to being in storage for around 25years, but it adds to its vintage look. (1 available)  Originally $250.00 reduced to $195.00.

The Lenox Portrait Gallery

The perfect frame to present your memorable 5×7 photograph. The frame is made of creamy ivory china decorated in a beautiful pattern of delicate roses and leaves to help highlight the picture. A bold burst of gold accents the entire frame. The total size is 7 ½”L x 9 1/2’”H and the back of the standup frame is lined with an elegant white satin material and is stamped in the corner with the Lenox logo, Made in USA. The frame has never been used and is in its original Lenox box. This gorgeous frame was given to my Mom and Dad for their 50th Wedding Anniversary, but with most gifts, my Mother hid it in their attic over 20 years ago. The box even included a 50 Year Anniversary Card from a relative. My sister and I discovered the frame when we closed down their home. (1 available) $49.50


Vintage Italian Frames

These beautiful and vintage Malden International Design frames are at least 25 years old, and were favorites at my Los Angeles boutique, Who Makes Sense?. These beautiful frames are hand finished Italian Wood, Italian Gold, made in Italy, and assembled in the USA.

–Giovanni 5” x 7” – designed with the beautiful and soft colors of mint and darker green, highlighted with crackled gold and has an inside border of muted pink. (1 available) $39.50


–Giovanni 3 ½” x 5” and 5” x 7” – designed with a textured, almost pitted style so the frames look older and worn. A favorite of the men! (2 of each available) $39.50 and $49.50                                                                                                  

–Viva Roma – designed with a more Roman, European look and feel, highlighted by the beautiful corners on the frame. (1 available) $29.50                                                                                                                                                                




Vintage Handmade Angel Photo Album

Handmade Photo Album designed by Nina Matsuno. This collectible treasured keepsake will hold your 4×6 photo memories. The finest European and Japanese papers were selected to create this original art piece, decorated with a beautiful angel on the cover. The photo album has never been used and is considered to be a collectible and has the original info sheet inside of the album.   (1 available) Originally $65.00 reduced to $49.50.