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A unique line of Greeting Cards, as well as vintage books and magazines will be featured to the delight of collectors and those of us who love the feel of “paper” when reading. Starting with Jeff Angell’s 1988 book “The Makeup Difference” is the perfect vintage selection to add color to your life.  Unique, hard to find and unusual books and magazines will be added on a regular basis.

Angel Greeting Cards

Many of my clients love Angels so I decided to offer a line of Angel Greeting Cards to help enhance their enjoyment. The cards were designed to be perfect for every occasion – birthdays, thank you, get well, anniversaries, wedding, baby arrival, congratulations, miss you, love you – since the cards are blank, your imagination can go wild for their use.

To create the cards, I collaborated with my good friend, Jeff Angell. Not only does Jeff have the perfect last name, Angell, he is an internationally renowned painter and award winning make-up artist. Jeff’s work has graced many private art collections and multitude of films, TV shows, high-fashion runways and magazine covers. I like the direction we took with the look of the unique and original Angels Jeff designed, using spot color to highlight the key parts of their activities. We added the strip element to add uniqueness to the design.

The Angel Greeting Cards are packaged in a Set of 12 – in a cello bag tied with a ribbon — $30.00 for 12 cards (2 of each Angel design—6 designs – blank inside).  $30.00 per set



The Make-Up Difference by Jeff Angell – Vintage

JEFF ANGELL is an internationally renowned painter and award winning make-up artist. His work has graced many private art collections and a multitude of films, TV shows, high-fashion runways and magazine covers.  Early on, Jeff nurtured his abilities in the visual arts. Skilled at drawing and painting, his exceptional use of color and his eye for form and composition added to the quality of his work. This led to a 30 year career as a make-up artist, often heading the make-up department for television and film. Jeff has worked with a host of stars and models including, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Lebrock, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Diana Ross, Elle MacPherson, Bette Midler, Isabella Rossellini, Brooke Shields, Barbara Walters, Natalie Cole, Rita Moreno, Betty White, Cloris Leachman, Annie Potts, Joanna Gleason, Becky Newton, Rebecca Romijn and America Ferrera. Leading men he’s made up for the camera are Sean Penn, Jon Voight, Donald Sutherland, Bob Newhart, Vincent Price, Tony Perkins, Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, Alan Bates, and Tim Curry. Jeff’s awards include The Image Maker Award for Bette Midler’s Divine Madness, The Westmore Award for his work in print, and The Pantone Award for his use of color in fashion photography.Urged to paint by his great friend and mentor, Marion Pike, the famous portrait artist, Jeff continued to refine his craft and skills as an artist, first painting canvases of classic cars and landscapes, then florals, and finally his portraiture. Creating his own personal style, his paintings are now in high demand and commissioned on a regular basis worldwide. In 1980, I was the Director of Marketing for Jafra Cosmetics/Gillette, and picked Jeff to travel with me across the country to introduce the new Cosmetic line to thousands of Jafra distributors. The connection led to a life-long friendship. In fact, I was so excited when Jeff featured me in a series of 18 paintings in a gallery in Santa Monica, California.

Jeff introduced his “The Make-Up Difference” book in 1988 which is filled with many cosmetic hints and tips using real life women as his models. Even though the clothing styles are now considered vintage, the makeup tips are timeless. The huge Make-Up Difference Book is personally signed by Jeff Angel, and in perfect condition and is still in the original plastic bag. Jeff’s book was printed in Japan and this particular book is the first printing. The 144 page book has beautiful and stunning color photographs with easy-to-follow copy and directions for the reader. It also includes information on Facial Shapes, Brush Types and How to Improve Your Make-Up Application. This very rare and vintage book is the perfect addition to your beauty and reference library, and you will consult it on a regular basis. The pages are 9 ½” W x 13 ½ “H. (1 available) $350.00.


Vintage Memory Books

Our Silver Wedding Anniversary 25 – A vintage and beautiful Hallmark album to record and keep the happy memories of your silver anniversary…….the occasion will be yours to relive whenever you want. The cover is very ornate with raised graphics announcing your 25th vintage album.  The book is brand new and has never been used and still has the original plastic around the album. (1 available) $25.00

Our Wedding Memories – Leather-like version. A vintage keepsake album from Markings which celebrates your upcoming wedding. The cover is made of an off-white textured material. Price reduced to $29.50 from $39.50 due to slight discoloration from white to off-white since the album is over 25 years old. (2 available)

Our Wedding Memories – Cloth version. A vintage keepsake album from Markings which celebrates your upcoming wedding. The cover is made of an off-white fabric in a beautiful swirl and textured material. Price reduced to $29.50 from $39.50 due to a very slight discoloration on the top due to age since the album is over 25 years old.

Renaissance Journals

Vintage Renaissance Journals in two designs: Michaelangelo (Divine Head – 7 available) and Raphael (Head of an Angel – 2 available). 160 beautifully lined pages with gold edges. The perfect journals to record and keep your precious thoughts and ideas. These Journals were client favorites at my Los Angeles boutique, Who Makes Sense? The Journals are no longer available and are considered to be keepsakes. $19.50 each



The Rules

Cloth covered book printed in 1997 that was a media sensation. The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing The Heart of Mr. Right. 174 pages and is brand new. $9.50 (6 available.)


Parables of Our Lord, Text by Theo Grabner, Illustrations by Schnorr von Carolsfeld and other celebrated artists

The Parables of Our Lord was created to present parables to the young Bible student. The writer entertains a hope that the perusal of these pages will be helpful to many an earnest Bible reader in gaining new glimpses of the abounding riches and unfathomable depths of divine Love and Mercy that are opened to view in these simple stores told by the Savior of men. The pictorial hardback book (64 pages) was published by Ernst Kaufmann, New York and printed in Germany. The book is at least 84 years old and is in very good condition with slight wear in the binding on the introduction page. The age is estimated because of the unique and dated dedication by a Sunday School Teacher in the inside front cover of the book which reads: To Ira French Christmas 1929 From Mrs. Floy E. Shaw Sunday School Teacher (1 available) $95.00