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Unique and rare Candlestick holders from my original Who Makes Sense? store in Los Angeles are featured, as well as new finds.

Wooden Candlestick Holders

Extra tall distressed looking Wooden Candlestick Holders with a twist design. The holders weigh 1 lb 15 oz each and stand 15 inches tall and are perfect for candles that are two inches wide. $49.50 for the pair



Metal Candlestick Holders

Extra heavy and impressive metal candlestick holders that hold either a taper candle or a column candle up to three inches wide (as shown). The holders weigh a hardy 2 lbs 4 oz each and stand 6 ½” tall. $49.50 for the pair



Hammered & Tarnished Candlestick Holders

Heavy candlestick holders that have a hammered and tarnished look. Sleek and smooth, just perfect to hold your column candles that are up to 3 inches wide. Over 2 lbs each and stand 5” tall and 4” wide. $55.00 for the pair.



Trumpet Playing Angel Votive Tea Light Holder

Charming Angel Votive Tea light Holder that was created with a combination of stained glass and metal. This unique design holds a pretty, light green glass container in the back where a tea light is inserted. When the tea light is lit, the glowing flame will glow through the white stained glass wings of the Angel. Six (6) unscented tea lights are included for your enjoyment. Size: 3 ½” Horizontal and 5 ½” Vertical and Total Weight 12.5 oz. (1 available) $29.50



Three Angel Children Votive Tea Light Holder

Three adorable Angels are holding up a glass Votive Tea Light Holder. The ceramic Angels are praying, holding a bird or a pretty pink rose. All three Angels have colorful flowered wreaths adorning their heads in the colors of light pink and light green. Six (6) unscented tea lights are included for your enjoyment. Size: 4” Vertical and 2 ½” Horizontal and Total Weight 6.7 oz (1 available) $19.50



Distressed Wood Candlestick Holder

A very unique candlestick holder that was designed to hold three different size and type of candles: a taper candle; a 2” column candle and a votive in a 2” glass container. The holder has a distressed look with a pattern of brownish/rust flowers and a crackled finish. The Holder comes with a pair of long burning beeswax 12” taper candles in creamy white, 2” x 2” Rose & Floral scented column candle and a Earth warm and sensual scented votive in glass. The taper candles include a beeswax fitter strip to place around the candle base so the candle will fit perfectly into the holder. 3 ½L” x 13H x 3 1/2W and 1 ½ lbs. For the set: $55.00 (1 available)



Gigantic Column Candles

SOLD.  These oversized column candles will definitely make a statement on your coffee or dining room table. Candles measure around 6”x9” and the weight of each is over 7 ½ lbs and burns approximately 300 hours. (NOTE: Candles should burn only for 3 – 4 hours at a time before blowing out and re-lighting so there is no buildup of hot wax. Plus, all candles should be on a glass dish when lit). The scents of French Vanilla and Fresh Lavender are light and airy and not overwhelming so they will not interfere with your dinner. The original price of each candle was $79.50, however, since these candles are no longer available in these sizes and the candles have some fading the price has been reduced by 50%. French Vanilla: $39.75 and Fresh Lavender $39.75. (1 available) Fresh Lavender Sold  * French Vanilla